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Walking The Sacred Path of THE AWAKENED MAN

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Walking the Sacred Path of THE AWAKENED MAN

AS men, too many of us live on the surface, just doing life—getting by as best we can—without ever plumbing the sacred depths and mystery of who we came here to be. As consciously evolving men it can be difficult to find our way through the maze of the collective consciousness of a culture that too often attempts to compromise and categorize us, stifling our individuality and uniqueness. As spiritually grounded men we can always use support in bringing our authentic selves to the party called life. Understanding and accessing the Sacred Masculinity with which we have each been gifted can sometimes require a group effort. Here is a precious opportunity to do be part of that group where we will explore these concepts, quagmires, and challenges: 

Learn how to awaken AND STAY AWAKE on the sacred path that leads to a more fulfilling, balanced, and satisfying life at home, work and in the world.

Learn the power of Awareness through the practice of Mindfulness: Awareness Builds Consciousness (ABC) 

Learn how to mindfully stand toe-to-toe with your greatest obstacles without allowing them to consume or define you. 

Learn how to create sacred space in your daily life for friendships with other spiritually awakened, conscious people. 

Learn the value of communing with other men seeking a deeper relationship with Spirit, with Purpose & with Freedom.  

If you find these times of change challenging and could use some wisdom and practical tools that will make the journey easier, join us as we explore, discover and walk the sacred path of the Awakened Man. Come and share what we have in common. Let us be brothers and teachers for one another. Experience three amazing days, connecting with spiritually grounded, conscious men at this New Thought Men’s Global Gathering. Your life may never be the same! 

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Walk the Sacred Path of THE AWAKENED MAN

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